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I had come to Chennai on a business visit and in a few days had a minor chest pain. Since I was staying close to Laksha Hospitals, I got myself admitted there. I felt at ease and comfortable with my treatment and stay. With a much improved health I was able to complete my work and return home in good health.

- Mr. S. Dhabalia [Urological Procedure, New Delhi]


After a fall, I had a minor fracture in my leg. I live in Mylapore and went to Laksha Hospitals for treatment. The doctors & nursing staff were very co-operative. The treatment has helped me a great deal in carrying out my daily routine without much effort. Thank you.

- Mr. Kumar [Physiotherapy, Chennai]


With age, the condition of my arthritis was getting worse. I had to undergo surgery and was extremely relieved. Post-op care was excellent. I am sure that Laksha Hospitals will be one of the top hospitals in Chennai.

- Mrs. Radha Ananthakrishnan [Ortho surgery, Chennai]


My treatment at Laksha Hospitals was very good. The efficient team of doctors and the nursing staff has helped a great deal in the surgery and recovery period.

I will recommend treatment at Laksha Hospitals.

- Mr. Mani Iyer [Laparoscopy, Chennai]



I am extremely happy with my treatment at Laksha hospitals. The team of doctors and hospital staff were very reassuring and looked after me quite well.

I would absolutely recommend treatment at this hospital for all of my friends and family.

- Mr. Abdul Wahid [Laparoscopy-gall bladder, UAE]


I had suffered shoulder pain for many years which resulted in a lot of frustration, inability to work, etc. But now I have a new phase in my life.

With a fraction of the cost that would have otherwise cost me a fortune in the US; I was able to undergo a painless surgery and get back to my usual self. The recovery time was quick and very effective. The nursing staff was well trained, kind and very caring which helped recover in no time at all. Thank you.

- Ms. Carol Jennings [Arthroscopy-shoulder, USA]


After arriving at the hospital, there was a routine check up and all investigations were performed promptly and professionally. The procedure was carried out efficiently.

The nursing team and the medical staff are genuinely very gentle, caring and professional. They certainly made sure I was pain free, for the first few days post-op especially.

Where I needed to use the call bell, it was answered very quickly. I take home with me very pleasant memories of my care at Laksha Hospitals.

Thank you very much.

- Ms. Amy Neilson [Gynecology-ovarian cyst removal, UK]


After having been diagnosed with Osteo-arthritis in my knees 2 years ago, I had started to look at surgery as the only option. One my close buddies who had been to Chennai last year, recommended Laksha Hospitals to me.

I am so glad to have listened to him. After reaching the hospital, things moved very quickly. There was a very brief administrative procedure to complete and then I was taken to my room. Throughout the day there were medical checks, x-rays etc. and a visit from the doctors.

Post-op, after only 2 days I began physiotherapy treatment and all throughout the nursing care was amazingly effective.

In conclusion, I will recommend Laksha Hospitals to one and all. Thank you from my heart.

- Mr. Ravith Kumara [Hip Resurfacing Surgery, Sri Lanka]


One of my close family members recommended Laksha Hospitals to me a few months back. The hospital staff and doctors were very professional and co-operative.

- Mr. Manish Ganguly [Endocrinology, Bangalore]