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The department provides Inpatient & Outpatient services. Daily OPD (Mon-Sat) catering to primary psychiatric disorders, psychological/ relational disturbances involving men women & children of all ages. There has been a growing need for Mental Health and psychological services both from within the hospital and outside. These services were available in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology for the last few years.


In order to increase the range of and provide more specialized services, an independent department of Clinical Psychology was created

There are other specialised services which the department provides in the usual OPD services are,


De - addiction services

Child Psychiatry services: Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder, Autism, mental retardation, Learning disabilities in children, behavioural problems of children, unexplained medical problems in children due to psychological reasons, childhood mood disorders, abnormal/unusual habits & childhood anxiety disorders including obsessive compulsive disorders.


Treatment is provided as a team with referrals between the 3 experts. Referrals are made between the team & a mix of counselling & medications is the common manner of treatment.


Counselling team provides assessment of psychological status of patient by standard psychological tests that evaluate personality, unconscious conflicts etc. The counselling techniques include teaching relaxation exercises, biofeedback technique, cognitive behaviour therapy along with marriage counselling, family counselling, parent management training.


The department also provides services to other departments in the hospital including management of psychiatry disorders in the medically/surgically ill,  counselling in chronic ailments that involve psychosocial burden to patient & family eg colostomy patients, amputees, mastectomy patients. Also in cancer & long term kidney diseases, head injury & stroke conditions.