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A new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) named as "code blue" opened in Laksha Hospitals in August 2011. It is the most economical critical care facility in Chennai and one of the best in quality of service.


The 13 beds in the ICU are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. There are 2 isolation rooms. The nurse-patient ratio stands at 1:1 for patients on ventilators and 1:2 for other cases and we assure one of the best survival rates for patients


The ICU`s at Laksha Hospitals is Equipped with latest monitors and Ventilator support like the High Frequency Oscillator(HFO) and Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenator ECMO.


What we do


Code blue ICU in Laksha Hospital specialists provide dedicated,continuous care to critically ill patients who require advanced monitoring and care in the Intensive care Unit Setting.


These specialists, who hace special training in the care of critically ill patients who require advanced monitoring and care in the Intensive Care Unit setting.


We take in transfer of patients from our referral hospitals who are not responding to treatment/critically ill or can not afford to continue the treatment at much costlier hospitals, are then transferred to our hospital using our mobile intensive care facilities.


Code Blue Team


Critical care medical team


The critical care medical team consists of seven intensive care consultants. Four in hose intensivists.Three DMOs, Seven nurses per shift.The department has an excellent team efforts and has regular weekly multidisciplinary team meetings to enhance patient care.


The Unit is accredited for basic, intermediate and advanced intensive care medicine training by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and also supports undergraduate medical training


Critical Care nursing team


The team of 8 critical care nurses are specially trained in critical care, and are led by the critical care head nurse specialist.


Nursing staff and clinicians have an excellent relationship, particularly at the patient`s bedside.The environment facilitates the development of specialized intensive care nursing skills.


Critical care multidisciplinary team


The wider multidisciplinary team includes a dedicated critical a dietitian, a team of physiotherapists,speech therapists,a medical microbiologist and input from a polliative care consultant.