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Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Department of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Laksha Hospitals has a team of highly qualified and skilled surgeons with experience in all fields of plastic surgery like Cosmetic surgery, Microsurgery, Cranio-maxillo-facial Surgery Hand Surgery, Reconstructive surgery etc..


Adopting the most advanced surgical techniques along with sophisticated equipments, the availability of specialist anesthetist’s team and all other specialty and super specialty services under one roof makes all the surgical procedures safe.


The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery enhances a person’s appearance by removing their blemishes and augmenting their natural attributes.


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries includes


Correction of birth deformities like absent / extra fingers and facial defects like cleft palate and lip


Reattaching fingers and toes on arrival through Microvascular replantation to enable full and early restoration of function


Micro-neural surgeries in Brachial Plexus Injuries which involve transplanting functioning nerves to areas where there is paralysis, to restore movements


Covering open fractures of bones with skin and soft tissues using conventional and microsurgical tissue transfer method.


Procedures Offered


Pinhole liposuction and body sculpting


Gynecomastia correction


Breast reduction / augmentation


Abdominoplasties (Tummy tuck)


Removal of disfiguring scars and wrinkles


Rejuvenation of face through Botox


Brow lift


Blephroplasty and face lifts


Silicon Filler Injections


Baldness correction by follicular hair transplantation