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Department of Anasthesiology

The Department of Anaesthesia, Laksha hospitals provides comprehensive anaesthesia care, which includes preoperative, postoperative, critical care and pain relief services. It functions from a suite of germ free; laminar flow operating theatres equipped with ceiling mounted microprocessor controlled anaesthesia workstations, multiparameter monitors and volumetric infusion devices.


The Department follows internationally recognized protocols and guidelines to ensure patients’ well being and safety during the preoperative period. Patients range from octogenarians with multiple co-morbid diseases to infants with cranio-facial and congenital disorders.


Orthopaedic anaesthesia forms the backbone of major surgical procedures i.e. arthroplasty, spine and trauma surgeries. It involves a high degree of skills in advanced techniques such as fibre optic intubation for complex airway problems, hypotensive anaesthesia, haemodilution, one lung ventilation and invasive haemodynamic monitoring. Other advanced techniques include nerve stimulator and sonographic aided peripheral nerve blocks, laryngeal mask airway, single puncture needle through needle technique, central neural blockade and neuromuscular monitoring.


Pain Management


Our postoperative pain management is tailored to suit special population groups, i.e. paediatric, elderly, obese, obstructive sleep apnea etc. Patient controlled analgesia with an individually tailored cocktail of analgesic drugs allow a pain free, post-operative period so that our arthroplasty patients walk few hours after surgery, without pain.


Other non-orthopaedic challenges include bariatric, maxillofacial, paediatric and tumescent liposuction surgeries. Acute trauma including polytrauma is well managed by our fully equipped and trained staff for resuscitation and operative stabilization.


Comprehensive Anaesthesia Care


The Department also provides ambulatory anaesthesia and anaesthesia care outside the operating suite i.e. CT scan, MRI sedation, cardiac catherisation laboratory and labour analgesia. We also assist and manage the ICU and postoperative wards round the clock. This Department supports all the specialties at Laksha allowing them to achieve their full potential while giving top priority to patients’ safety and comfort.